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Indian Kidney Tea Leaf (Ortthosiphon)

Indian Kidney Tea Leaf (Ortthosiphon)
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Description. Orthosiphon (also called Java Tea) is used for the ailments of the kidney, since it has a mild diuretic effect. It is also claimed to have anti-allergenic, anti-hypertensive and anti-inflammatory properties, and is commonly used for kidney stones and nephritis. Java Tea is listed in the French, Indonesia, Dutch, and Swiss pharmacopoeias for conditions related to renal cleansing and function, and related disorders that include nephritis, cystitis, and urethritis. Chemically speaking, the plant contains flavones (including sinensetin), a glycoside (orthosiphon), a volatile oil, and vast quantities of potassium.

Use. Java Tea's subtle diuretic action is what makes it particularly well-suited to kidney and urinary tract irrigation. The anti-spasmodic actions of Java Tea are beneficial to the smooth muscle that lines the walls of the internal organs; this property has led to the plant's use in disorders of the gallbladder. Antiseptic action has also been confirmed in laboratory research. Orthosiphon is sometimes used for gout, diabetes, hypertension and rheumatism. It is reportedly effective for anti-fungal and anti-bacterial purposes.

Attention! Before using any herbal products, make sure that you have full knowledge of how the herb works and any adverse reaction it may cause.                     

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