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Potentilla Cream - Radiculitis

Potentilla Cream - Radiculitis
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Potentilla is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, pro-vitamins which boost the immunity and increase protective functions of body. The complex of macro- and microelements supports the structure of tissues, normalizes calcium metabolism, and performing the function of immunomodulator. The extract of Potentilla in the cream has a positive influence on tissues, it tones up and nourishes tissue cells.

Ingredients: Glycerin, wax emulsion, corn oil, lanolin, oily extracts: Potentilla, chamomile, rose hip, horse chestnut, bur-Marigold, nettle, absinth, plantain, rockweed; alcohol water extracts: elecampane, Dutch myrtle, sweet clover, horsetail, vitamins A,E, hydrolyzed collagen, Pantenol, vitanol, preservative.

Indications for Use: The cream is of great help in complex therapy of osteochondrosis, radiculitis, joints problems, salt measures.
Contradictions: individual hypersensitivity to any components.                     

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