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Basket Plant with Spongilla - Balsam for Body

Basket Plant with Spongilla - Balsam for Body
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Model: 75 ml
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Indications for Use: Balsam Basket Plant with Spongilla is the latest high-effective product. This Balsam is recommended for use in cases of home and sports injuries. Basket Plant extract helps to relieve pain, prevent inflammation, stimulates wound healing, it reduces edema and hematoma. The effect of Basket Plant is intensified by natural components of this Balsam. Spongilla provides unique resorbing and antibacterial effect; it stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, and thus boosts healing processes.

Ingredients: water with silver ions, bee wax, Basket plant extract, Spongilla, Australian Tea Tree Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Mumiyo, Heparin; extracts of: Birch tree Fungus, Aloe Vera, Plantain, Chestnut, Chamomile, Sage; Menthol, hydrolyzed Collagen, glycerin, stearate DEG, preservatives.                     

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